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1951 Zenith Cobra-Matic H664
In 1950, Zenith introduced the Cobra-Matic variable speed automatic record changer – the “first and only changer that plays any speed record now made or yet to come, 10 rpm to 85...with two simple controls a six-year-old can operate.” This particular model is highly prized among collectors and admired for its mid-century design that takes its design cues from the Detroit road queens of the 50s. This is one gorgeous hunk of Bakelite!
This phonograph was restored using parts from three different units. Each unit had its problems but also had working parts that were good enough for a perfect one. All the capacitors and tubes were replaced. The turntable was sent out to be reflocked. The Cobra-Matic cartridge was replaced with a new old stock. The speaker grill was cleaned of rust and repainted and the Bakelite case was polished and buffed to a showroom shine.
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