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1915 Edison Model A100 Phonograph

This is an example of an Edison disc player. The popularity of cylinder players peaked in 1905. Columbia stopped producing cylinder players in 1912 and Edison was the last man standing. Noting the popularity of disc players Edison's company secretly worked on a new design that still used his patented hill-and-dale playing method. The new players were introduced in 1911 and made their way to the dealers by 1912.  They were even part of a huge advertising campaign where the player and a performer were placed behind a curtain at theaters around the country and the audience was challenged to tell them apart. In most cases they reportedly could not.

This player features an automatic stop mechanism and volume control. A lever at the front of the turntable controls a muff ball at the center of the speaker that muffles the sound for lower volume.
For this restoration, the motor was cleaned and lubricated and the platter felt and grille cloth were replaced. The cabinet was also refinished to bring out its original beautiful color. All the hardware was polished and the speaker was cleaned and repainted.
See it on our YouTube page here.
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