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1938 RCA Victor 811K Radio
This popular model featured the “Magic Brain” which offered “a new thrill in home radio—‘Studio Tone’! Reproduction so clear and true, so vivid it actually seems to seat you right in the broadcast studio.” It also featured the innovative “Magic Eye” with its “electronic ‘beam’...which looks much like a human eye and tells when you are precisely in tune”. This very radio may have broadcast Orson Welle’s famous “War of the Worlds” presentation in 1939! The radio features broadcast (AM), short wave and medium wave bands.

This radio had been painted by the previous owner in green latex paint in an effort to “antique” it.

The paint was stripped off and the cabinet was refinished. Some spots with missing veneer were fixed. All electrical components were serviced and replaced when necessary. Brass parts were polished and new reproduction decals were placed under the controls. The grille cloth was replaced. The radio now works perfectly and even picks up stations on the shortwave band from the Ukraine and Vietnam!


See it on our YouTube page here.

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