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1957 Voice Of Music “The Summit” Model 568

The Voice Of Music Model 568 is a transitional model between mono and stereo systems. Although

it is a mono console, it’s equipped with an outlet for an extra speaker, thus converting it into a stereo system. There’s an AM/FM radio and a powerful 

5-speaker system. The record changer plays four speeds and records of the same speed but different sizes can be intermixed. One of the unique features introduced by Voice Of Music is the “Lazy-Light”, 

a small pilot light at the front of the console that will start or reject records when pressed. The controls include adjustments for room size, tone control and volume.There’s also storage space for records.

For this project we touched up the cabinet where necessary. All the brass hardware was polished. 

The record changer needed adjusting and the cartridge was replaced. The grille cloth was torn and it was replaced. The cone on one of the speakers was also torn and it was sent out to The Circuit Shop to be repaired. It sounds and looks good as new!


Thanks to Gary Stork from V-M Audio Enthusiasts for his advice!


See it on our YouTube page here.

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