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1965 Columbia 360/CBS/ Pye Phonograph
This record player was designed by CBS Laboratories who developed the long playing LP record and the original “360” phonograph, and it’s unique in both conception and design. It features a walnut cabinet and inside, an acoustically sealed sound chamber which prevents internal sound from getting out, thus reducing record changer vibrations and feedback. Contained within is the Garrard fully automatic intermix record changer, the CBS “floating” cartridge which minimizes record wear, two diamond needles for stereo and mono and two full-range transistorized amplifiers that deliver 30 watts peak music power to the six balanced speakers.

This record player was not working properly, sound only came out of the left speakers, and the cabinet showed a lot of wear. The wooden lid needed to be refinished and the metal hinges were corroded and needed to be polished. The rubber that seals the lid had hardened and was flaking off. The fabric over the speakers was torn. We stripped the cabinet lid and refinished it, polished the hardware and found new matching fabric for the speakers. The dry rubber was replaced and all the electronics were repaired and a new needle was installed.


See it on our YouTube page here.

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