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1926 Victor VE 8-30 X Phonograph
The Victor VE 8-30 was introduced as a wind-up model in 1925. It was the most expensive of the first Orthophonic Victrola models. It featured the largest horn that Victor had ever offered, and was frequently used to demonstrate the amazing quality of Orthophonic reproduction. The selling price was $300 and for $35 extra you could get it with an electric motor, the VE 8-30 X, like this one. A total of 30,642 were produced. This model features an automatic brake for shutting off the turntable at record’s end, two large speaker doors and compartments on either side for record album storage.

For this project we replaced all the wiring. It had gotten brittle. We also took apart the motor and cleaned and greased it. The tone arm support was cracked and needed to be replaced. The felt on the turntable also needed to be replaced as well as the torn grille cloth. The Orthophonic reproducer was completely restored by Pete at EMG Vintage Audio and Antiques in San Francisco. The cabinet was cleaned and touched up and all the hardware was polished. It sounds and looks good as new!


See it on our YouTube page here.

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