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1929 Brunswick with Panatrope Model S31
In collaboration with General Electric Company, Brunswick produced an acoustic phonograph for playing electrically recorded 78s called the Panatrope. Many believe this was Brunswick’s finest phonograph. The S31 was one of the earliest electric phonographs, in a time when most phonographs were still wound up by hand. This model was sold as a Panatrope with radio. The S31 was “radio at its best, even at high noon under a blazing sun...tone that for clarity rivals the finest night-time reception.”
This phonograph/radio took over a year to restore.
The motor was completely dismantled and serviced. All the major wiring which was very brittle was replaced with fabric-covered reproduction wiring.
The variable capacitor which had mostly crumbled was replaced as well as the tubes. The tone arm was missing and it took almost a year to hunt one down. The magnetic horseshoe cartridge was not working and had to be restored. Veneer was missing in some spots and had to be matched and replaced and the cabinet was cleaned up and given a new coat of shellac.
See it on our YouTube page here.
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