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1923 Brunswick Model 101 Phonograph
The Brunswick Company was known for making billiard equipment. It was founded in 1845 by John Moses Brunswick, who joined Julius Balke in 1873, thereby forming the J.M. Brunswick and Balke Company. In 1879, Hugh W. Collender merged with Brunswick and Balke calling themselves the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company. Brunswick cautiously tested the phonograph market in the teens and then jumped in. By the 1920s, Brunswick was America’s second most important phonograph and disc manufacturer. 

This phonograph was in really bad shape. The faux leather covering was crumbling, the wood case had rotted in places and the record holder was missing. The motor was serviced and oiled. All the rotten wood was replaced as well as the covering and the rivets. The worn leather corners were replaced with nickel and the hardware was polished. The record holder was built from scratch and the Brunswick decal was created using a computer program and then sending out to have a dry transfer decal made.


See it on our YouTube page here.

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