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Fada Model 572 Radio


Relive or discover for the first time the pleasure of listening to your team, talk show or favorite music on a vintage radio. Whether it’s the family gathered around listening to the news or sitting on the porch listening to the game, there’s nothing like a radio to take you back to an easier time.

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1929 Atwater Kent Model 60 Radio

This 1929 Atwater Kent Model 60 chassis was used in various console cabinets and a table version. It features an electro magnetic dynamic Type F-4 speaker which produces a loud, full sound. This chassis is perfect for your Atwater Kent radio project. Just drop it into the cabinet and it’s ready to go.


The radio measures 120.5" x 10" x 6.5". 


You can purchase it at our Etsy shop here.



Atwater Kent Model 60 Radio

This attractive RCA Victor radio features a beautiful burled bakelite case and a distinctive red dot dial marker. It produces a loud clear sound. There are some tiny specks on the case and the back is missing but the cabinet is in very good shape. The capacitors have been replaced and the case has been polished.


The radio measures 12" x 7.5" x 7".


You can purchase it at our eBay store here.



1940 RCA Victor “Red Dot” Model 15X

RCA Victor "Red Dot" Model 15X

1937 Fada Model 572 Radio

This beautiful superheterodyne art deco radio is a stylish masterpiece. With three wave bands: broadcast, long wave and short wave and a two-tone wood cabinet, it is a perfect example of a radio created at the height of industrial design.


The radio measures 16.5" x 21.375" x 14.25". 


You can purchase it at our eBay store here.


1973 Penncrest Model 6912 Receiver

The Penncrest Model 6912 AM/FM receiver was an affordable unit made by JCPenney. It puts out a beautiful warm sound that you don’t find with many modern receivers. Its multiplex stereo and features Tape/Phono, FM, FM Stereo and AM settings.


The receiver measures 18.5" x 10.75" x 6.75".

You can purchase it at our Etsy shop here.


Penncrest Model 6912 AM/FM Stereo Receiver

1945 Sonora Model RDU-209-229 Radio

The Sonora Radio Company began in 1908 as the Sonora Chime Company. The company patented a system of bells that were put into clocks. Later, the company went into the production of phonographs and radios and used the slogan "Clear As A Bell", a leftover from its chime production days. This particular six-tube super-Heterodyne radio is certainly "Clear As A Bell". With an attractive wooden cabinet, clear dial glass and bone colored knobs, it’s a welcome addition to any radio collection. The radio measures 13.75" x 9.25" x 7.75". 

You can purchase it at our eBay store here.




This portable Automatic radio was designed for taking on a picnic or a boat trip. It features an attractive two-tone leatherette case with gold colored accents. It was meant to be powered by two 4 1/2 Volt “A” batteries and two 45 Volt “B” batteries which are no longer made. It can still be powered using an AC power cord. It‘s all original. It plays loud and clear. This is an affordable addition to your vintage radio collection.


The radio measures 13.5" x 7" x 5". 

You can purchase it at our eBay store here.


1950s Automatic Knight Model P-64 Radio

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