It all started with the groove on a cylinder record; the vibrations picked up by a needle and transported to a horn. Nowadays, to be “in the groove” is to be in a good place. Do you remember taking your box of 45s to a friend’s house for a sleep-over or putting some Chet Baker on your stereo console to woo that special someone?

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This beautiful Edison Standard has been restored to working condition. It plays perfectly. The belt has been replaced and the gears have been polished and re-greased. All the hardware has been polished. The base plate has been repainted. The original decals on the base plate were almost gone so they have been replaced. The signature decal at the front of the base plate is original. The banner decal on the base cabinet is worn but original. We chose not replace it with a new decal which would have reduced the value. The lid has some small dents. The brass horn has many dents but it has been polished to its original luster.

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1901 Edison Standard Phonograph
Edison Standard Phonograph
RCA Victor Model 9Y510

Introduced in 1911, The I-V was Victor's lowest priced phonograph for many years. There were three different designs for the horn opening: a steel grille, slats (like in this model), and a hollow opening which proved not to be very popular. The early models had a Victor No. 15 soundbox. Later models had the Exhibition soundbox such as this example. The phonograph has a single-spring motor and the doors are used as volume control. It measures 13" x 13.5" x 7".


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1915 Victor VV-IV Phonograph
Victor VV-IV

1975 Panasonic Model SD-15 Stereo


Panasonic stereos became popular in the 70s and 80s and were found in many living rooms and bedrooms. They were especially popular with teenagers. This set features AM/FM radio, a four-speed record changer, four audio control knobs, and auxiliary input and two speaker cabinets. The receiver/record changer is in great condition. The speaker cabinets have some blemishes and have been refinished.


The receiver/record changer measures 17.75" x 15.5" x 8.5" with the lid on. Each speaker measures 11.125" x 8.625" x 17".


$250 You can buy it at our eBay store here.

Panasonic Model SD-15 Stereo
1951 RCA Victor 9-Y-510 Phonograph