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It all started with the groove on a cylinder record; the vibrations picked up by a needle and transported to a horn. Nowadays, to be “in the groove” is to be in a good place. Do you remember taking your box of 45s to a friend’s house for a sleep-over or putting some Chet Baker on your stereo console to woo that special someone?

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Silvertone was Sears' music brand that manufactured radios, phonograph, amplifiers, guitars and other musical equipment. The model 7057 features and AM broadcast radio and a 78 rpm record player. The tonearm is used to switch between the radio and record player. This player has been completely restored with a new cartridge, grille clothe, plastic dial cover and new felt on the platter. The lid has been refinished to its original luster.

The phonograph measures 18" x 13.5" x 12.5" when closed.

$400 You can buy it at our Etsy shop here.

1941 Silvertone Model 7057 Phonograph
Silvertone Model 7057 Radio/Phonograph
Brunswick Model 207 Phonograph

1959 Voice of Music Model 564

Voice Of Music was a very popular brand and made excellent turntables. Many of them were actually used in the record players of competitors. The 564 is a transitional model between mono and stereo systems that can be converted to the new stereo format by plugging in an external speaker. The record changer will play 33 1/3, 78, 45 and 16 speeds and records of the same speed but different sizes can be intermixed. One of the unique features introduced by Voice Of Music is the “Lazy-Light”, a small pilot light at the front of the console that will start or reject records when pressed. See the video here.


$600 Contact us for purchase.

Voice of Music Model 564

The 207 features an Ultona reproducer with two styluses, one for lateral groove records and one for hill-and-dale groove Pathé records. There is also a volume control, automatic shut-off brake and record storage space in the cabinet.


The player measures 46" x 19" x 20.75" when closed. See the video here.

Contact us for purchase.


1917 Brunswick Model 207 Phonograph

This stunning Silvertone Model XIII features a tone arm elbow adapter that allows the playing of Pathé and Diamond Disc records. The needles have to be purchased separately. There is also a lever at the back to adjust volume control. It has been restored to working condition. The cabinet has been repaired and polished, the hardware has also been polished and the turntable felt and grille cloth have been replaced.

Contact us for purchase. See the video here.


1918 Silvertone Model XIII Phonograph
Silvertone Model XIII
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